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Glassfish to Be Included in Ubuntu

| Comments had a quick report (well no real information there) that Canonical (the commercial interest behind Ubuntu) and Sun has partnered to include the Glassfish Java EE server in the Ubuntu Server product, I think this is a nice thing to do, and hopefully it will be up there competing with the RedHat/Jboss stack (Red Hat Application Stack).

At this time I think that glassfish is more bleeding edge than Jboss, and perhaps the only real “final” Java EE server ready for production (Although I argue that the JBoss AS is real stable and production-ready as-well).

Questions About Open Source Java? This Podcast May Have the Answers!

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Java has been released under the GPL v2 Licence. What does this mean for your Java apps? Are they GPL’d now too? What is Java ME and why is it such a big deal that it too has been GPL’d? How difficult is it to build Java from source? These and other questions answered by three of the big players from Sun Microsystems in this Podcast Interview

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Java 5 For-each-loop

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One of the nicer features of JDK5 is the enhanced for loop (or the foreach loop). has published an article with in-depth information about this construct. I highly recommend reading the article, it contains some (at least to me) new information.

Nuances of the Java 5.0 for-each Loop

Java EE App Servers, Time to Market?

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Dr. Dobb’s published an article based on interviews with all of the major players in the application server market, to summarise everyone is rushing to release their Java EE5 compliant server, except for the big blue who states their customers aren´t requesting it.

JBoss Training Next Week

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Next week I will be attending a training session on Jboss in Stockholm (JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developers), the course details looks promising and hopefully it will dwelve into some gory details.

Netbeans 5.5RC1

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Over at Netbeans Project the RC1 of Netbeans5.5 has surfaced, hopefully this means that the final 5.5 release is just behind the corner.

Lately I have been using Netbeans quite a bit for some personal/of hours projects, and being a longtime Eclipse user the transition has been pretty smooth (although I still prefer Eclipse over Netbeans).

Spring 2.0 Released

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Spring 2.0 were released today, I guess the real question is it worth upgrading now or wait a while? I have been somewhat absent from the whole 2.0 release, and only glanced the new features and it seams like a good release well worth a major version bump.

PDF Printing in Ubuntu

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One of the nicest features on my OSX machine is the built in function to print everything to a PDF, fortunate it’s really easy to ad this feature to Ubuntu to (for the record when forced to used a Windows box the free ware&nbsp_place_holder;PrimoPDF does a decent job as-well)

Start of by installing the cups-pdf package with apt (or synaptic if you prefer).

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

Next do a

sudo chmod +s /usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf

Finally in Gnome add a new printer by going to “System > Administration > Printing”, select New Printer select Local Printer & Use a Detached Printer, select PDF Printer.

Onto the next screen select the Generic manufacturer, and the “Postscript color printer rev3b”. Leave the driver set to “Standard

You are now up and running with PDF printing in Ubuntu.

By default the PDF-files is stored in ~/PDF , but this is easily changed by modifying your /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf look for the line Out ${HOME}/PDF

Javadoc the Web2.0 Way

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I just found a site with nice javadocs, using AJAX. The site has nice features, and an eclipse plugin that I tried out today. Well worth a spin!