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Practices of an Agile Developer, a Quick Review

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I’ve had this book laying around for some months, and because of time constraints I haven’t had the time to read it. Even if i consider myself quite “Agile” the book gives you quite a lot of insight into practices you haven’t used before, or it even serves as a stamp of approval to verify what your doing is the “right” thing.

I’m a big fan of the Pragmatic Programmers books, they seem just right (in terms of sheer size, and content) nowadays I seldom run through a 700+ pages book just to get up on speed on technology, I much prefer to have a short (200pages or so) introduction and this lets me get on with investigate further by myself.

So the practices then, I found some new that I haven’t used before that I will try to implement in future (and present) projects.

I highly recommend this book to everyone claiming to be Agile, or want to be more Agile.

Mounting .mac iDisk on Ubuntu

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I tend to keep some files that I need access to from different computers on my .mac iDisk account, when on a windows computer Apple has a utility to mount the file system, but when using Linux (Ubuntu in my case) your out of luck.

But luckily iDisk is just a webdav share so mounting it is pretty easy.

Firstly do a

sudo apt-get install davfs2

This will install the required utility to mount webdav file systems.

Then fire up your favorite editor and edit


And ad a entry like this USERNAME PASSWORD

to mount the file system manually type

mount -t davfs /mnt/idisk

That’s it, your ready to go.

If you like to have it automatically mounted when booting you have to edit /etc/fstab and add /mnt/idisk davfs user 0 0

Seam 1.1 GA

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The 1.1 made GA today, find out the about the nitty gritty details over at Gavin’s post.

Congrats to the release, there are a quite a bit of new features compared to the 1.0 release.

Go With Pro, Or…

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I’ve been looking into replacing my now somewhat aging 17” powerbook (1,67Ghz, 2GB RAM), although the Pb is really nice (big screen, reasonably fast) it suffers from a couple of drawbacks.

  • To cumbersome – I have been air-commuting for the last year, and the 17” is a bit to big to use and to carry around.
  • Development Performance – Using it to as my development machine of choice, the performance has begun to lag behind. It has really started to get on my nerves, mostly the compile/deploy cycle of Java EE development (Netbeans/Eclipse, JBoss AS/Weblogic)
  • Slow Virtual PC – I still need to access/use some windows software, not that often but the VirtualPC performance is sub par. So my plan is to replace it shortly after Christmas, I were dead set on replacing it with a 15” MacBook Pro, but lately I have been beginning to wonder if the MacBook would fit the bill (I plan to hook either on up to a 23” Cinema Display and keyboard/mouse when developing at home) and recent blog post such as this added further decision frustration to the mix.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Is the MacBook good enough, or should I pay the extra premium to get the Pro?

The Mustang Is Loose..

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In case you might have missed, Sun released Java SE 6 today; full details of Java SE 6 are available on The umbrella JSR 270 covers the key features of this release.

So will you be upgrading? I will for sure (to be perfectly honest I have been running the beta for quite some while, and the experience for desktop use is much better than Java SE 5). For the Enterprise stack I don’t se any urgent needs to upgrade (the adaptation of Java SE 5 isn’t at full speed yet)

Facelets 1.1.12 Released

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From Jacobs blog.

Facelets 1.1.12 was just uploaded to and includes many small bug fixes for JSF 1.1 (MyFaces 1.1.4) and JSF 1.2 (RI 1.2_03b5).

Download Here

This release is considered ‘draft’ until users call it stable for production use. More information is found over at Facelets’ web site.

If you have missed out on facelets for any reason, now is the time to check it out (but I can’t for the love of * find a decent release note on this particular release)

Edit: Matt kindly points me to the [release note] ( mponent=facelets&issue_status=RESOLVED&issue_status=VERIFIED&issue_status=CLOS ED&email1=&emailtype1=exact&emailassigned_to1=1&email2=&emailtype2=exact&email reporter2=1&issueidtype=include&issue_id=&changedin=&votes=&chfield=issue_stat us&chfieldfrom=2006-06-21&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&short_desc=&short_desc_t ype=substring&long_desc=&long_desc_type=substring&issue_file_loc=&issue_file_l oc_type=substring&status_whiteboard=&status_whiteboard_type=substring&field0-0 -0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=&cmdtype=doit&newqueryname=&order=Reuse+same +sort+as+last+time)

Seam 1.1 CR2 Released

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Following fast on the CR1 release of Jboss Seam is a fix of several issues, among these the ability to run the booking example on Glassfish (Running on Glassfish in the past has been possible, but have required some work).

From Gavins blog

Seam 1.1.0.CR2 fixes a number of minor bugs in the CR1 release, and adds some minor improvements. This release includes a version of the booking example application which deploys on GlassFish, the Java EE 5 reference implementation, along with the “hibernate2” and “jpa” examples which run cross-platform on JBoss 4 (with or without EJB3), GlassFish and Tomcat out of the box, and which may be made to run on any J2EE 1.4 compliant application server. The ICEfaces example has been upgraded to ICEfaces 1.5.1.

Download:;id=1637 77&release;id=467898

Changelog: 1&styleName;=Html&version;=12311064


Hilarious Sun Commercials

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 They might be old for those of you who live over the pond, but I found these Sun commercials over at youtube and the are absolutely brilliant. Go check them out

Minor Update..

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Well just a quick update what has been going on lately.

Another certification…

Last week I completed (and cleared) the Certified JBoss Developer, the test was quite interesting and a good followup to the the JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developer course I attended a couple of weeks back. Quite interesting to write an open-book certification, where you get 24h to complete the test (taking it at home). I recommend the course to anyone looking for the nitty-gritty details about JBoss AS (although you can pick up the information by reading the JBoss AS Guide). Although certification really doesn’t tell you anything, it can be a good edge to get interesting gigs.

Joined a JSR expert group..

Since I joined the JCP almost 10months ago, I have been more of a lurker (I haven’t participated actively in any JSRs). The time of change is here, some months ago I requested to join the JSR299 (WebBeans) expert group, and yesterday I got the approvement email. The JSR is really interesting, for those unfamiliar with it it’s basically Seam in a standardized way (the JSR is lead by Gavin King).

Work, work, work..

It has been real busy week at work (both client wise and internally). My current project is nearing it’s end (implementation wise) and I have had more time to actually do some coding in the project (ie less meetings, management, mentoring). I’ve been concentrating on verifying the overall architecture against the requirements. Also quite a bit of refactoring, moving out some common JSF functionalites to reusable components, this have given me a good chance to really dive into the JSF spec. Hopefully I will make these components available in some form over the coming months, it’s not exactly rocket-science component but usefully small tidbits.

I have also been busy on weekends, late nights migrating the infrastructure from old hardware/software to new servers. To this stage we been quite successfully and we have deprecated some applications, and old hardware. And I have begun to extend, and introduce a SSO solution to our business critical applications (most of them homegrown, and on diffent platforms such as .NET, J2EE, and classic ASP). We settled on CAS which seems to be a proven solution, but we are not quite there yet. We need to plug this into a Microsoft Active Directory for the authentication store, any suggestions here are very much welcome.

Seam 1.1CR1

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The CR1 of Seam 1.1 were released yesterday, and it brings allot of new nice features. One nice feature are that you now have the option to use any Java EE application server along with your Seam-application. Another thing to note is the integration with the ICEFaces and Ajax4JSF frameworks.

  • New concurrency model for AJAX-based applications
  • Integration with ICEfaces and Ajax4JSF
  • Support for J2EE environments
  • The Seam Application Framework for data-oriented applications
  • seam-gen, a command line tool for generating seam projects, actions, and reverse engineering existing databases
  • Efficient clustering of Seam-managed extended persistence contexts and JavaBean components
  • Support for atomic conversations
  • Asynchronous methods and events
  • Enhanced configuration via components.xml
  • Exception handling via annotations or exceptions.xml
  • Page fragment caching via <s:cache/>
  • Decoration of invalid input via <s:decorate/>
  • Page parameters for RESTful applications
  • Themes
  • Support for the Sun JSF 1.2 reference implementation
  • Many, many bugfixes and other enhancements Get the download here