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IntelliJ IDEA 8 Milestone 1

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Jetbrains announced a milestone release for my favorite IDE a couple of days ago, and the feature list is quite impressing. I have been running the milestone for a couple of days and so far it’s running great. The SEAM support is a winner for me, as the Spring 2.5 support (although it worked fine in 7.0.4 as well)

  • JBoss Seam Integration
  • Javascript/Flex Debugger
  • Spring 2.5
  • FreeMarker, Velocity, GWT 1.5
  • Great support for REST WebServices
  • Struts 2
  • Multi-dialect SQL Console
  • Reworked project configuration
  • New automated refactorings
  • Improved coding assistance
  • Numerous new code inspections
  • Countless other new features and improvements And planned features for the full version

  • Team Foundation Server integration

  • New Java refactorings from former Refactor-J
  • Improved Groovy support, with Grails 1.0.3 and new refactorings
  • Improved Ruby support, with Ruby debugger
  • Scala support
  • Python support
  • Flexible settings storage with IntelliJ IDEA Server Check out the fresh release at 1an