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No JDK6 With OS X 10.5 Leopard

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So what’s up with Java on the Mac? After the initial chock of Apple not mentioning anything about Java 6 support in Leopard, as well as pulling the alpha/beta release from ADC a while ago the future of Java as a first-class citizen on the Mac has been questioned around the blogosphere..

Well having just installed Leopard on my MacBook Pro (The upgrade was painless, 30min) I can say that JDK 6 is not included in Leopard, those of you might remember that JDK 1.5 shipped exclusivly with the Tiger release, and I was really expecting the same this time.

Hopefully (and most probably) Apple will release a JDK 6 sometime, but the real question here is “sometime”, how long can you afford to wait? (For the record Sun released JDK6 almost a year ago at December 11 2006)

So how does this effect you? Personally I am not that effected since I mostly do Enterprise development, but I could use the speedup in JDK6 for running IDE’s and other tools.