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Netbeans, Subversion and Mac

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NetBeans has SVN support pretty much out-of-the-box, but on OS X you will be presented with the not so obvious message

NetBeans Subversion support requires Subversion 1.3 executable!

Install Subversion 1.3 ( or later, add it to PATH, test by running ‘svn –version’ from command line, and finally restart IDE, please

Since I apparently has forgotten how I made it work before here is the instruction for future reference, hopefully this will save me (and perhaps others) from some frustration.

  1. Fire up a terminal

  2. Navigate to your Netbeans installtion folder like

cd /Applications/

  1. Open the netbeans file in your favorite editor

  2. On the first line (after comments) add

export PATH

  1. Save the file, and restart NetBeans

Your all set!