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Weblogic 10 on OS X..

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Weblogic, being one of the major player in the Java EE app server space relea sed the first fully certified final release last week (although a fully certified tech preview has been available for a while now.).

Being a longtime Weblogic user (my current project using Weblogic 9.2 to name just one) I decided to give it a spin. Since BEA doesn’t support OS X I start out by making the beast run on my preferred platform, fortunately its quite easy, and I have previously blogged about it. So here is a quick recap for WLS10.

Firstly download the HP-UX Itanium release (server100_generic.jar)

Start the graphical installer by running

java -jar server100_generic.jar

One installed, go ahead and create a new domain (or upgrade an existing if thats your game), use the wlserver_10.0/common/bin/ to start the wizard.

Voila, your ready to go. Start the new domain and start playing around with WLS10.

And of course, running Weblogic on OSX is not supported by BEA in any way.

My next step is to evaluate the WLS10, to get to know it a bit better. Ill take a existing Java EE app and make it run on WLS 10 (The app is currently in production on JBoss AS, and I’ve previously “ported” it to Glassfish). So hand around for my observations. _ Note, by using this approach you will miss out on the platform dependent optimization (namely using native libraries, but this method has served me good in the past)._

to be continued…

Update: It has come to my attention that the console may freeze (and the CPU jumps to 100%) when trying to login to the console (I didn’t run into it since I had made theese changes anyway). Change/add the following to _bin/ _

USER_MEM_ARGS=”-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m”