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Practices of an Agile Developer, a Quick Review

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I’ve had this book laying around for some months, and because of time constraints I haven’t had the time to read it. Even if i consider myself quite “Agile” the book gives you quite a lot of insight into practices you haven’t used before, or it even serves as a stamp of approval to verify what your doing is the “right” thing.

I’m a big fan of the Pragmatic Programmers books, they seem just right (in terms of sheer size, and content) nowadays I seldom run through a 700+ pages book just to get up on speed on technology, I much prefer to have a short (200pages or so) introduction and this lets me get on with investigate further by myself.

So the practices then, I found some new that I haven’t used before that I will try to implement in future (and present) projects.

I highly recommend this book to everyone claiming to be Agile, or want to be more Agile.