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Mounting .mac iDisk on Ubuntu

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I tend to keep some files that I need access to from different computers on my .mac iDisk account, when on a windows computer Apple has a utility to mount the file system, but when using Linux (Ubuntu in my case) your out of luck.

But luckily iDisk is just a webdav share so mounting it is pretty easy.

Firstly do a

sudo apt-get install davfs2

This will install the required utility to mount webdav file systems.

Then fire up your favorite editor and edit


And ad a entry like this USERNAME PASSWORD

to mount the file system manually type

mount -t davfs /mnt/idisk

That’s it, your ready to go.

If you like to have it automatically mounted when booting you have to edit /etc/fstab and add /mnt/idisk davfs user 0 0