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Go With Pro, Or…

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I’ve been looking into replacing my now somewhat aging 17” powerbook (1,67Ghz, 2GB RAM), although the Pb is really nice (big screen, reasonably fast) it suffers from a couple of drawbacks.

  • To cumbersome – I have been air-commuting for the last year, and the 17” is a bit to big to use and to carry around.
  • Development Performance – Using it to as my development machine of choice, the performance has begun to lag behind. It has really started to get on my nerves, mostly the compile/deploy cycle of Java EE development (Netbeans/Eclipse, JBoss AS/Weblogic)
  • Slow Virtual PC – I still need to access/use some windows software, not that often but the VirtualPC performance is sub par. So my plan is to replace it shortly after Christmas, I were dead set on replacing it with a 15” MacBook Pro, but lately I have been beginning to wonder if the MacBook would fit the bill (I plan to hook either on up to a 23” Cinema Display and keyboard/mouse when developing at home) and recent blog post such as this added further decision frustration to the mix.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Is the MacBook good enough, or should I pay the extra premium to get the Pro?