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Facelets 1.1.12 Released

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From Jacobs blog.

Facelets 1.1.12 was just uploaded to and includes many small bug fixes for JSF 1.1 (MyFaces 1.1.4) and JSF 1.2 (RI 1.2_03b5).

Download Here

This release is considered ‘draft’ until users call it stable for production use. More information is found over at Facelets’ web site.

If you have missed out on facelets for any reason, now is the time to check it out (but I can’t for the love of * find a decent release note on this particular release)

Edit: Matt kindly points me to the [release note] ( mponent=facelets&issue_status=RESOLVED&issue_status=VERIFIED&issue_status=CLOS ED&email1=&emailtype1=exact&emailassigned_to1=1&email2=&emailtype2=exact&email reporter2=1&issueidtype=include&issue_id=&changedin=&votes=&chfield=issue_stat us&chfieldfrom=2006-06-21&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&short_desc=&short_desc_t ype=substring&long_desc=&long_desc_type=substring&issue_file_loc=&issue_file_l oc_type=substring&status_whiteboard=&status_whiteboard_type=substring&field0-0 -0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=&cmdtype=doit&newqueryname=&order=Reuse+same +sort+as+last+time)