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Seam 1.1CR1

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The CR1 of Seam 1.1 were released yesterday, and it brings allot of new nice features. One nice feature are that you now have the option to use any Java EE application server along with your Seam-application. Another thing to note is the integration with the ICEFaces and Ajax4JSF frameworks.

  • New concurrency model for AJAX-based applications
  • Integration with ICEfaces and Ajax4JSF
  • Support for J2EE environments
  • The Seam Application Framework for data-oriented applications
  • seam-gen, a command line tool for generating seam projects, actions, and reverse engineering existing databases
  • Efficient clustering of Seam-managed extended persistence contexts and JavaBean components
  • Support for atomic conversations
  • Asynchronous methods and events
  • Enhanced configuration via components.xml
  • Exception handling via annotations or exceptions.xml
  • Page fragment caching via <s:cache/>
  • Decoration of invalid input via <s:decorate/>
  • Page parameters for RESTful applications
  • Themes
  • Support for the Sun JSF 1.2 reference implementation
  • Many, many bugfixes and other enhancements Get the download here