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Minor Update..

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Well just a quick update what has been going on lately.

Another certification…

Last week I completed (and cleared) the Certified JBoss Developer, the test was quite interesting and a good followup to the the JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developer course I attended a couple of weeks back. Quite interesting to write an open-book certification, where you get 24h to complete the test (taking it at home). I recommend the course to anyone looking for the nitty-gritty details about JBoss AS (although you can pick up the information by reading the JBoss AS Guide). Although certification really doesn’t tell you anything, it can be a good edge to get interesting gigs.

Joined a JSR expert group..

Since I joined the JCP almost 10months ago, I have been more of a lurker (I haven’t participated actively in any JSRs). The time of change is here, some months ago I requested to join the JSR299 (WebBeans) expert group, and yesterday I got the approvement email. The JSR is really interesting, for those unfamiliar with it it’s basically Seam in a standardized way (the JSR is lead by Gavin King).

Work, work, work..

It has been real busy week at work (both client wise and internally). My current project is nearing it’s end (implementation wise) and I have had more time to actually do some coding in the project (ie less meetings, management, mentoring). I’ve been concentrating on verifying the overall architecture against the requirements. Also quite a bit of refactoring, moving out some common JSF functionalites to reusable components, this have given me a good chance to really dive into the JSF spec. Hopefully I will make these components available in some form over the coming months, it’s not exactly rocket-science component but usefully small tidbits.

I have also been busy on weekends, late nights migrating the infrastructure from old hardware/software to new servers. To this stage we been quite successfully and we have deprecated some applications, and old hardware. And I have begun to extend, and introduce a SSO solution to our business critical applications (most of them homegrown, and on diffent platforms such as .NET, J2EE, and classic ASP). We settled on CAS which seems to be a proven solution, but we are not quite there yet. We need to plug this into a Microsoft Active Directory for the authentication store, any suggestions here are very much welcome.