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Got the M600I

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To follow up on my post yesterday, I purchased a new cellphone friday. I finally settled on the M600I (seeing that I couldn’t locate a single shop in Malmö who had the P990 in stock the decision was pretty easy).

So far it has been a nice experience, more will certainly follow on this.

One minor trick was to get all of my contact (which is stored in my Mac iCal), after some research i came up to a solution that will have to do for now.

  1. Set your iCal to use vCard 2.1 (default seems to be 3.0) Preferences => vCard => 2.1
  2. Select all your contact (or the ones you want exported)
  3. Drag the selected contact into your desktop or folder, a file called something similar to “FIRST-ENTRY IN ICAL and 146 others.vcf” will be created.
  4. Beam this file to you M600 with bluetooth, run the file on the cellphone and voila, your finished. I guess that will have to do until full iSync is available (note i don’t sync my appointments with my mac at the moment, they are synced with my current clients Windows PC running Outlook 2003)