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Seam Reflections

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been spending some time prototyping with Jboss Seam, and I must say it’s been a very pleasant time. I can hardly remember the last time I enjoyed Java EE web-development this much. The basic concepts are simple, and easy to grasp and in the same time there is a lot of power in the framework if/when you need it.

I haven’t really settled on the 3-classes per page (SB,JPA-POJO, JSF/Facelet- page) architecture, I somewhat feel that I’m “hacking” away (but this is probably just me wanting to over-engineer a simple thing).

I like the idea of a standard-based framework (using standard components such as EJB3, JSF), and I really hope the JSR will make it into the Java EE spec.

The examples are terrific, and the documentation is adequate (it is still lacking seriously in some areas though), and the support-forums over att jboss is active and viral.

That said, I think that seam has a great opportunity for prototyping and small-to-medium applications, and I believe the relative simplicity can make it succeed to less experienced developers. Hopefully the tools-vendors will follow up and make it even easier.