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Looking for a New Phone (SEP990 or SEM600I?)

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My Sony Ericsson P910 phone died early this spring, and was hastily replaced by non smart phone (a Motorola Razr V3x) since SE hadn’t released their P990.

Well, I have nothing to complain on with the Razr technically, but I am seriously missing allot of the features of my P910 (like descent calendars, qwerty-keyboard, good email support and so on). I am looking for a replacement for the Razr, I think I have come down to 2 alternatives namely the SE M600I and the (Finally released) P990.

I am currently leaning towards the M600, since I never use the camera and the smaller form-factor of the M600 seems nice. Currently none of the devices have support for iSync but I bet support will follow shortly.

I have surfed the net for advice, and for the P990 there isn’t that much information (the only started shipping this week), and the M600 seems to be suffering from somewhat buggy software (although i suspect the P990 has the same problems since it’s built on the same platform). Also it seems somewhat hard to get your hands on the P990.

Do anyone have any experience with either of the devices, all feedback is appreciated.