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Long Time, No Blog..

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Well, were to begin. It’s been a long time since my last post; this is because my server blew up (not literary though, only the motherboard, psu and both of the drives in the RAID1 set). Since I had my ass full both work wise and private it took a lot of weekends and nights to restore everything. Well, what have I been up to since my last post?

  • Visited JavaOne back in May
  • Received a new work laptop, a Dell D610 (running Ubuntu a more thorough post will follow on this one)
  • Worked insane hours
  • Spent some evening’s prototyping with EJB3/Jboss Seam.
  • Watched a lot of World Cup football :)
  • Enjoyed the spring/early summer (including a Swedish midsummer)
  • Switched from Blojsom to Wordpress (not entirely finished yet)
  • .. and probably a lot more

It’s good to be back