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Weblogic 9.1 on OS X

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I’ve had WLS 8.1 running on my PowerBook lately, using the tips posted Rod Chavez. That installation required some tweaking to get it to work properly.

Since my current project will probably move to a WLS 9 before going into production, I would like to get WLS9 running on my PowerBook (although I use the client supplied Wintel box for onsite development), the opportunity to work while waiting for the delayed flight home is quite appealing.

After some digging it seams like the installer is quite OS agnostic, and I takes a os argument when running the installer. The tip here is to use the switch ‘’.

java -jar server910_generic.jar

installer stating

done installing




to start the config wizard.

note, running WLS is not “officially” supported by BEA. But in my experience it works like a charm..