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OS X "Musthave" Software

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This post is mostly for my own recognition, but it might interest some of my readers (potential OS X switchers come to mind).

I will try to list the “must-have” applications on your fresh OS X, it’s been a while since switched (although I still use various Linux distros regulary).

Here goes

  • Adium - Good IM client, supports alot of protocols. (nice integration with growl to)
  • Backup - Apples backup software, quite good. I use this for daily/weekly backups to a external hard-drive
  • Bluephone Elite - Combined with Growl, displays caller id. mutes itunes, dial directly from the app.. Well worth the bucks
  • Chicken of the VNC - VNC Client
  • Cocoamysql - MySQL frontend, used in conjunction with the tools availible from
  • Fink - Install/manage installations (kind of like APT)
  • Fugu - SCP client
  • Growl - Global notification system, I have several plugins activated (mail, itunes etc)
  • Keynote - Apple’s version of powerpoint, presentation tool done right!
  • NetNewsWire - Great RSS client, I use it in conjunction with Bloglines (yes, it supports fetching of your bloglines subscription). I keep all my subcriptions at Bloglines, that way I always have updated subscriptions.
  • Omnigraffle - Nice tool (allot like MS Visio), good for the occasional non-UML diagram (like org. charts etc)
  • Pathfinder - Finder replacement, filemanagement done right.. well worth the bucks!
  • Remote Desktop Connection - Connect to MS terminal servers
  • Salling Clicker - Bluetooth remote tool, very handy for controling keynotes
  • skEdit - A good html-editor
  • Stuffit (For extracting files, mostly the occasionaly .sit file)
  • SubEthaEdit - My texteditor of choice, also incorporates nice colaboration features.
  • Transmit - Ftp client, really good
  • Virtue - Virtual Desktop manager
  • VLC - All purpose media-playerDevtools such as IDE’s, app-servers and such are left out.. :) I believe my readers will know what and were to get them.. And I have probably missed some software.