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Java Related Podcasts

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Guess this is old news for most of the readers, but I will try to summarize the java-related podcast available out there…

JavaPosse This is the No.1 in my book, frequent updates (most often more than one podcast a week), interesting topics (weekly newscast, in depth interviews, and listeners feedback) combined with terrific hosts (Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall and Joel Nuxoll). The weekly newscast is brilliant in my opinion, summarizing the important news items (and blogposts) regarding Java-technology.
ZDot Tim Shadel is the author of this podcast; it is an extension of his blog. It’s been around since February 2005, and the topics vary a bit. Most notable are the series on JSF with the genius name “JSF: The 7-Layer Burrito I Won’t Eat Again”. The update frequency seems to be not that frequent, but go ahead and listen through the archives.

DrunkAndRetired Strange name, but good contents in this podcast. I am still catching up with their content.
Swampcast The Swampcast podcast seem to focus on interviews with java-related persons (like Bruce Eckel).