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Java EE 5 Preview and NetBeans Pack.

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Sun has released a preview version of the Java EE 5 SDK, and on the same time an Enterprise Pack for NetBeans.

From what I can tell the Java EE 5 SDK is just a frozen version of the open source Glassfish appserver rebranded to “Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9” which includes features such as EJB3, JSF 1.2, JAXB 2.0, Java Persistance, JSTL 1.2, Streaming API (StAX), Webservice Metadata.

The SDK is still branded beta, since the spec hasn’t reached final yet.

At the same time Enterprise Pack for NetBeans has been released, and includes some new features such as support for the above SDK, UML and Visual Design Tools for SOA Architects (whatever that is) and the appserver bundled.