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Eclipse 3.2M5

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A couple of days ago the M5 release of Eclipse 3.2 were released, when reading the “New and Noteworthy” of the release I noticed some really nice and missed features. Among the news are.

  • Refactoring scripts - Nice feature, could be really helpful.
  • Java SE 6 (Mustang) support - (Hard to test on my Powerbook though.. )
  • SWT goodies
  • Introduce Indirection Refactoring added
  • Problem View - Fix multiple problems/errors on the same time (looks promising)
  • Improved CVS/Team - Nice improvements also shows local changes
  • Cleanup Wizard - added support for Remove unnecessary blocks/casts, Add serial version id to ‘Serializable’ and ‘Externalizable’ classes
  • Multiple quick-fix - Fix similar errors/problems in the same file
  • Quickfix “Generify” - Add type-information to lists/collections
  • Junit view - History, nice feature to retain a history of tests.
  • Command line code formatter - Nice utility to format code without using the IDE. I have only glanced at the new improvements/features, but it sure seems nice.. I will try to use the M5 for a while now and see how it goes.