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Oracle to Donate Their JSF Implementation

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Read it on Matt Raible’s blog, apparently Oracle has decided to donate their JSF implementation (ADF Faces) to the Apache Faces project.

JSF is quite cool, even though I haven’t had the time to play around with it as much as for e.g. Tapestry, but I believe for it to take momentum we need to see a nice ecosystem of components (commercial and open), that’s the whole point about a component based framework. Another point is that JSF seems to be designed around RAD development, I am not sure how good the tools are these days but it seems to be catching up. I believe if JSF should take a hard spot on the framework map we need the RAD tools (at least to catch the “corporate developer” coming from a background such as VB/.NET). Hopefully I will have the opportunity to form a tighter opinion about JSF in the near future since my current project uses/starting to use JSF.