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Apache Beehive 1.0

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Apache Beehive released 1.0 today, for those of you not familiar with Beehive go ahead and take a look, interesting stuff…

  • We are pleased to announce the v1.0 release of Apache Beehive! This release provides the following major features: NetUI (Page Flow + JSP tag library)

  • Controls framework

  • System controls for accessing JDBC, JMS, and EJB resources

  • Many bug fixes

  • Significantly enhanced documentation

  • Additional samples

Binary and source distributions can be downloaded via an Apache mirror from: Documentation for v1.0 is here

A few notes about this release:

  • WSM and the web service control are not included as WSM has not passed the JSR 181 TCK yet. Both will be available in a subsequent release.

  • v1.0 does not include XMLBeans due to licensing issues with the JSR 173 API JAR; however, XMLBeans can still be used with Beehive and is available from

  • Changes in v1.0 from v1.0m1 can be found here: ira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&pid;=10570&fixfor;=12310123

  • Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, patches, testing, and feedback. All of these contributed significantly to this release.

  • Please send comments / questions about this release to and development-related issues to

  • Bugs found in 1.0 should be filed in JIRA at

  • This version was built at SVN change 291405.

We welcome your feedback. On to… The Beehive Team